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This was the station in 2008 It has grown a bit.

Here is a Picture of my humble station.

 Icom 720a



MFJ-993b Tuner

My Homebrew 50Amp power supply.

AEA PK-232(an oldie but a goodie HI HI)

My Keyer(Dont pay attention to the dust)

Well I have alot more stuff but that is the major equipment. I have had all of this stuff apart and played with the guts. So if you have any questions or problems with any equipment like I have drop me an e-mail maybe I can help.

This is the station in 2011

Same station. Better gear!

Bye Bye 720a Hello FT-301d with custom display!

Bye bye 897, Hello Kenwood TS-2000

Still got some of the old goodies.

New Audio eqipment.

Better key!

Repeater 442.350+ 131.8pl MSF5000 Digital 100w.

And finally the Henry 2k-4 Amplifier.

And finally a look at the tech bench where all the radios get their diaper changes and the antennas are born.